Vermont Roads - VT 16

Take a trip back to 1982, courtesy Michael Summa, when there were certainly a lot more embossed signs around. They're not all gone by any means, though, so thanks to Vermont for keeping perfectly serviceable signs up in the field even 30 years later (and this one was probably out for at least that long already).

Heading from US 5 to Lake Willoughby, the end of VT 16 (at VT 5A). This is the only east-west part of the road, the rest being north-south to the west of 5.

More of the lake.

This milemarker is posted on the parking lot across from the lake, an unusual location parallel instead of perpendicular to the roadway, but what's also unusual is that the top line is 0286, which suggests a town road. I'm not 100% familiar with Vermont's practices, but even though this does seem to be a town-maintained state highway, I was still expecting to see 0160 for VT 16. The other option is that the state highway number is only shown for state-maintained roads, and otherwise the town-specific number appears as seen here.

Back toward US 5 into the sunset.

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