Vermont Roads - VT 15A

VT 15A

WB at the end of the route in Morrisville, ending with the old and new versions of the same assembly. The old version is clearly vastly preferable and should be brought back, damn the retroreflectivity.

WB from the end of VT 12 past a few old buildings. Signage is inconsistent, but the fact is that VT 12 ends where VT 15A departs Upper Main St. onto Park St.

In the gore where VT 12 and 15A come together, a shallow enough junction that it's impossible to tell for which route this sign is intended. I'll therefore conclude it's intended to apply to both routes equally, which makes sense.

More old buildings, on the north side of Park St. where it meets VT 12.

EB and WB assemblies at the eastern end of the route. VT 15 is definitely a state-maintained route, so the circle shields are incorrect. It's possible that VT 15A is also state-maintained once it's outside the Morrisville boundary and within just plain Morristown.

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