Vermont Roads - VT 153

VT 153

SB at the NY/VT state line, with one marker to the left and two to the right. The road used to continue as NY 153 but is now a Washington County route of the same number.

The oldest stone, the short one on the left, dates to 1814. The state name is written on each side of the border.

There's more writing on the tall obelisk on the right, which has both state names and an enigmatic side inscription of "No. 63, renewed 1904." I guess one of the states (or both in cooperation) numbered their border markers.

The NB face of the 1968 historical marker as I leave the border.

VT 315 WB nearing VT 153, with construction orange run amok (should not be taking over the red/white on an important regulatory sign), and then heading south from there.

Paine's Celery Compound makes people well, or it did when this West Pawlet building was painted.

The somewhat askew assembly at New St. by that old building. The road coming into VT 153 comes from the junction of Washington County (NY) Routes 29 and 31.

Continuing NB from there.

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