Vermont Roads - VT 129

As you can see from the speed limit sign and the use of the circle (though the sign is old enough to predate the Vermont green shield), this is a town-maintained route. It exists as the only route to bring traffic to Isle La Motte, and is therefore a dead-end off of US 2.

VT 129 EB curving to get off of the island on a causeway bridge. The eastern end of the bridge is a popular spot for locals to stop and ice fish. At least, when Lake Champlain is frozen.

Shrine Rd. EB.

Westbound at the signed end of VT 129, and then turned back around. The latter sign is the only evidence that 129 heads east-west instead of north-south. It also shows that VT 129 is, here, Major Collector 290, which is a town-maintained road important enough for VTAOT to maintain a log of it. The LGS probably only shows up because this Major Collector is also a state highway, but it's odd that 1290 wouldn't be showing up on all the signs on this road. That's how Vermont does it, though. (Thanks to Mike Moroney of VT Roads, linked from the Vermont Roads page, for information on the LGS.)

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