Vermont Roads - VT 127

Pearl St. WB from St. Paul St. to the beginning of VT 127 at N. Champlain St. Apparently the "P" signal flashes for city-wide parking bans due to snow, a unique solution to a common Vermont issue. It would make a whole lot more sense if VT 127 were extended to meet another route, say by taking it east along Pearl St. to US 2/US 7. At the same time, though, this area was originally planned for an extension of I-189, in which case VT 127 would probably have begun where the Interstate ended.

N. Champlain St. NB (the only direction it goes; VT 127 SB is on Park St.) past some half-assed directional signs to its end at Manhattan Dr. The right lane does indeed lead to continuation on VT 127, but first one must make a left into the right lane of Manhattan Dr.

The next turn is onto the Super-2 freeway that bypasses the North End of Burlington and was built in anticipation of the northward extension of I-189 taking it over as a full-fledged four-lane freeway. Instead, it's temporarily upgraded on just this one sign to a US highway, almost a compromise but not quite, considering there's a very real US 127 elsewhere in the country.

The awkwardly narrow shields with extra black space instead of using the proper oval design continue on the Super-2. I guess within Burlington city limits, the city erects the signage, because if any state highway ought to be state-maintained and thus warrant the modern green shields, it would be a state-constructed freeway.

Creative pedestrian overpasses built wide enough for a 4-lane freeway, NB.

A SB bridge wide enough for 4-lane I-189, taking pedestrians from Ethan Allen Pkwy. to Tamarack Hollow Farm.

The end of the Super-2 is heralded by this at-grade junction. This would probably have been the northernmost junction on I-189 had it been completed.

Looking east along the Winooski River.

NB onto Lakeshore Dr., with boats docked at the edge of Malletts Bay in Lake Champlain. VT 127 used to continue all the way east on Lakeshore Dr. into Bay Rd., but now heads southeast on Blakely Rd. to end at US 2/US 7. Curiously, the southern leg of the VT 2A wye at 2/7 is still designated as 127, despite there being no link to the rest of VT 127 since the reroute.

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