Vermont Roads - VT 118

We may never know where the shield above was located, because it's long gone. Courtesy Doug Kerr.

I know where this is located, at the end of VT 118 SB (VT 100).

VT 242 ends at VT 118 just north of the beginning of VT 58. Add a "TO."

Old VT 100 SB across the Comstock Covered Bridge in Montgomery

Looking east along the Trout River and north toward the more modern VT 118 crossing.

Back north (really west) across the 1883 bridge to VT 118's 1950s span.

Continuing north across West Hill Brook to the 1863 Longley Bridge, a "look but don't touch" span that also crosses the Trout River. It sits next to, but no longer on, the road that was named for it, Longley Bridge Rd.

Back east on the Longley Bridge Rd. Bailey truss, a temporary bridge span that often ends up being quasi-permanent on less major roads.

Next bridge north is again crossable, Hopkins Bridge Rd. across the Trout River once more.

Back east on this 1875 span.

This old church in East Berkshire now houses the Berkshire Historical Society.

VT 118 SB at a short concurrency in Berkshire. Enosburg is to the right and VT 118 turns left, to fill in for the broken and missing signs on this town-maintained junction.

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