Vermont Roads - VT 114

SB across Dish Mill Brook in East Burke.

East Haven Chapel is on the west side of the road at Bean Brook Rd.

NB and SB faces of a rare occurence: an old Vermont shield on its own post. Usually you would find one of these on the back of a warning or regulatory sign instead of shields back to back.

A stray green arrow surfaces, with both photos at the west end of the VT 105/114 concurrency. State maintenance ends just before the intersection ("through way"), so the circle shields up this far are correct, but others on VT 114 (including the one atop this page) should be primary green shields.

VT 114 NB at its split with VT 105 EB. VT 114 heads left, VT 105 bears right, and old Main St. (former VT 105 when it had a rail grade crossing) 90 degrees to the right. The "covered bridge" railroad overpass is dead ahead.

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