Vermont Roads - VT 110 - Covered Bridges

VT 110's covered bridges

Howe Bridge

VT 110 SB and then east on Belknap Brook Rd.

Back west.
Cilley Bridge

VT 110 SB and then west on Howe Lane, which for some reason goes over Cilley Bridge instead of Howe Bridge. That's just cilley.

Back east, and a look south along the White River. The number covered bridges along VT 110 that cross the White River is also cilley.
Mill Bridge

Drive the Mill Bridge

Looking north from VT 110 in Tunbridge Village, then down Spring Rd. If it looks too new to be true, that's because it's a 2000 replica of an 1883 bridge that was swept away by ice. At least Vermont and the town of Tunbridge saw fit to replace it with the same design.

Near any good little covered bridge is a happy little mill.

The unimproved-looking western fašade, which is in fact undergoing a "weathering / silvering process" accordig to Mick Maguire, who lives across from the bridge and has contributed much of the information about it on this page, and then looking back east across the bridge. By the time I revisited in 2013, the bridge appeared to be appropriately silvered.

Looking SW and NE along the White River (First Branch).

A long time ago, someone took the brick grist mill by the river (look three photos up) and added on a wooden sawmill. It closed in the 1920's and still has all the equipment inside from that time. The entire mill is now a giant storage shed and barn for the owner, who lives in the former blacksmith shop. Again, many thanks to Mick for his contribution.

Don't forget the Mill Bridge video
Larkin Bridge

VT 110 SB and then east on Larkin Rd., ending with a look north along the White River.

Back west.
Flint Bridge

Bicknell Hill Rd. EB across this 1845 bridge, the oldest of the five (!) in Tunbridge.

Back west and a look south along the White River.
Moxley Bridge

Moxley Rd. EB in Chelsea, the one bridge on this page not in Tunbridge.

And back west to VT 110.
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