Vermont Roads - VT 11/US 5/VT 30

VT 11, VT 11/US 5, VT 11/30

Rather than end at VT 30, VT 11 continues to Manchester Center, where it historically met US 7 and now meets VT 7A. This does not seem necessary.

VT 11/30 looks straight across the Batten Kill to the VT 7A/VT 30 intersection in the background. And yet, there was never a bridge here, despite it making perfect sense to avoid the jog in the road.

Looking east at what would seem like a bridge abutment, but apparently was just for stream diversion so that the VT 11/30 bridge could be built. Thanks to Adam Froehlig for helping me get toward the bottom of this mystery.

All of these shields are older, and may predate Vermont's adoption of the green state route shield. If not, then all of the routes in Manchester are town-maintained.

Old shields where VT 103 SB traffic joins VT 11 EB. 103 officially continues into town and beyond, but the turn to continue on VT 11 would be very sharp, so traffic should use Maple St. as a cutoff.

VT 106 SB where it ends. You may not be able to tell, but the 1's are the old Vermont font.

VT 11 EB, same location, and the curly 9 and 6 give away that these have all been old-font shields.

VT 11 EB/US 5 NB just shy of New Hampshire. First some more old-font shields, and then a pair of "N.H." Vermont shields.

WB/SB, one last shield.

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