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VT 108

At the south end of VT 108, I'm guessing Stowe maintains its own roads, because the state would never mess up that badly.

This contrived mini-covered bridge ("Stowe Walkway Bridge," semi-officially) has seen better days. It's NB entering downtown, and not too long ago, the cursive "Stowe" was intact. Time for rehab!

NB and SB at Luce Hill Rd., which heads back to VT 100 bypassing downtown Stowe. The NB sign seems less necessary.

Once through Smugglers Notch, VT 108 SB decides it's no longer scenic, though I'd argue the Worcester Mountains still fit that description. (In fact, the road through the notch is mostly trees, so I'd argue it gets more scenic after it stops being Scenic.)

SB at a roundabout that wasn't built well. As an engineer, I must clarify that I can't say that in an engineering sense without first learning the context of why it couldn't accommodate truck right turns directly, but since this is my personal website, I can be as biased as I please.

Heading south across the Missisquoi River in Enosburg Falls, I spy an old arch bridge to my right. It's the 1913 "Bridge of Flowers and Light," former VT 108 and now closed to vehicles.

It's got flowers, and it's got lights, so I suppose the name is earned. I hear you can learn a lot of things from the flowers, though I was there in the morning instead of the golden afternoon.

The river is dammed to the east of the bridge and there are some sort of ruins on the south side, perhaps a mill.

Now the view to the west and northwest.

Finally, since the bridge is fenced, this is the closest I can come to walking across it.

VT 108 NB splits from VT 105 EB at this old... hotel? meeting hall? on the north side of Enosburg.

After that, not much left until the Canadian border, but just enough time for some old and embossed signs and one of the only places you'll see a metric sign on U.S. soil, obviously for the Customs booth.

The SB signs are conveniently on the same post.

Proving the metric sign is in the USA, I took the border monument photo north of there. The second photo is the south end of QC 237.

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