Vermont Roads - VT 105A

VT 105A

VT 105A NB heads north from VT 105 toward the Québec border. It's already very close, so the clearance signs are doubled in metric. It used to continue as QC 105A, but it's now just Chemin de la Vallée-Missisquoi, or Missisquoi Valley Way.

Back south under the bridge.

There are only three roads intersecting VT 105A north of VT 105. This is the second, Richford Slide Rd., which briefly crosses into Canada (customs-free) at a trans-border cemetery before ultimately returning to VT 105. The last one is Chemin Cushion, which immediately crosses into Canada and stays there, but I'll bet that if you try to dodge Canadian customs that way, you won't make it to the next intersection in Glen Sutton without some company.

Parent route VT 105
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