Vermont Roads - VT 105

The northern beginning of VT 104 from VT 105 in St. Albans.

Looking south along the Missisquoi River in Sheldon Junction at a railroad bridge that now carries a trail.

At least VT 105, and I think also VT 120, should have green shields for state maintenance.

VT 105 EB splits from VT 108 NB at this old... hotel? meeting hall? on the north side of Enosburg.

Continuing east past the Boston Post Rd. bridge over the Missisquoi in North Enosburg to a gated plant driveway on the south side of Richford. You'll want to click on the stop sign for a closeup.

Not to be outdone, the rail trail just south of VT 105 on the east side of Richford has two embossed stop signs at S. Richford Rd. Where did the town get this stash? Instead of providing super-closeups of these, I instead give you front and back of the EB and WB signs, respectively. The green sign above the WB stop sign has faded to nothing interesting on either side.

Between all those stop signs, I would be remiss if I didn't show you Massachusetts' (or Maine's) contribution. VT 139 is entirely town maintained, but Vermont has used circles for that for a couple of decades. The older standard was square for town maintenance and circle for state maintenance, so Richford reached back to its past for this shape instead of the present. (The standard also featured a thick black border instead of an inset line, but town maintenance is not known for following standards.)

Another railroad trestle across the Missisquoi River, looking north as I continue east from Richford.

EB in North Troy, where the shield banners are reversed from the typical green on white. (The one atop this page is also in North Troy.)

(This assembly is also in North Troy.) It's at Elm St., a connector from VT 243 to points west.

EB into Newport Center.

VT 114 NB leaves VT 105 EB to the left in Brighton. Pedestrians can cross to Mountain St. straight ahead on a modern "covered bridge."

Looking south as the parallel railroad crosses the Nulhegan River, then WB a few miles later as I in turn cross the railroad.

The easternmost photos on the road, heading west on Town Common Rd. in North Stratford, NH, then looking north along the Connecticut River on a foggy morning.

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