Vermont Roads/Non-Roads - VT 102/Guildhall

VT 102 and Guildhall

Old, cracked signs at the shortest highway in the state. VT 26 is only 69 feet long because the border is on the near side of the Connecticut River - obviously NH 26 is a much longer route - but it's signed as the VT route and not the NH route (usually done with "N.H." written hastily inside the shield). The milemarker is barely legible, but the top line definitely says "1020" for VT 102. (The next line is "0512" for town/county.)

All of the signs are of similar age, all cracked and all now incorrect save the US 3, as these are state-maintained highways and would now use the squashed oval in the green shield. I'm sure these ovals predate the new state route style. The bridge you see is all NH 26 (look how narrow the mighty Connecticut has become!), leaving just the part from the abutment west (to the right), short enough that I crabwalked my way across.

The town of Guildhall, pronounced with a silent 'd', has not changed much since the 19th century, except to remove horses from the carriages. Oh, and the decorative fountain no longer founts.

Historic downtown buildings - you saw the church and court house next to each other previously, and then you have what was either an estate or a schoolhouse and a general store, still active as such. VT 102 turns around the corner of the town square and heads quickly out on either side - there's not much more than you see here.

Looking south along the Connecticut River, basically standing on the NH border on the bridge across the Connecticut River. The remains of a former mill dam bracket the river.

And looking north.
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