Vermont Roads/Non-Roads - US 4/VT 12 - Quechee

US 4/VT 12, Quechee Gorge and Quechee bridges

The plaque for the US 4 bridge over the Quechee Gorge.

Walking down the Quechee Gorge trail to the bottom of the gorge, all the while looking up at the US 4 bridge.

Looking south first and north second at the gorge. Thanks to the sun for telling me which direction was which, this late August afternoon.

Looking south toward US 4 and then north toward old US 4, at the Quechee covered bridge, which was sadly destroyed by hurricane Irene. The town of Quechee sits on old US 4, while the new route bypasses it to the south and stays on the far side of the Ottauquechee river.

An old mill that has now been partially converted to a restaurant, just west of the covered bridge. Many Vermont covered bridges are located next to former mills, built to be able to transport materials (and people) to and from the mill.

Take a narrated video tour of the Quechee Bridge! (You'll never be able to see it for yourself.)

EB up to and NB over the Taftsville Bridge, just 3 miles west of Quechee Gorge.

And drive back south with this video.

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