Vermont Roads - US 2/VT 100

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Yet another older-than-my-father shield from this great state, courtesy Doug Kerr.

The graceful US 2 bridge over Lake Champlain into New York, by winter daylight and summer twilight. Notice the ice fishers out over the lake (not in the summer, though).

The first state highway intersection, VT 225 leads pretty quickly to QC 225. It is not well plowed in winter, and this sign tells you why - it's a town-maintained highway.

Lake Champlain, as seen from the east side of North Hero, with the third lake photo taken from the middle of the bridge that's under reconstruction.

Before we leave Grande Isle, have an embossed sign (southbound) and a state-name shield (VT 314 SB). Because VT 314 is a loop, east is to the right when facing south - US 2 is really north-south along the island.

Another state-name shield at the same intersection, and more directional confusion. There is an NY 314 on the other side, and like VT 314, it doesn't actually lead to the ferry but instead follows a loop, perhaps the most curious case of matched routes across a border.

Looking west on US 2 - and north on US 7 - from Main St. in Burlington.

Old reverse-color supplemental signs aren't the only attraction here - there's also a hidden VT 127 designation lingering from an old routing, although the modern incarnation of 127 does not come up US 2/7 to link to this discontiguous piece.

Button copy just past the I-89 interchange outside Burlington, then a strange warning sign in the opposite direction telling you that the lanes shift right at Dorset St.

A narrow truss crosses the Winooski River just west of VT 117.

Welcome to Waterbury. There's not a whole lot of town, but there's a whole lot of welcome, and this curious monochrome sign from the 1960's (maybe, MAYBE early 1970's) is just the beginning.

In the heart of Waterbury. The NB/WB LGS isn't as cool as the white US 2 EB junction sign, but at least I-89 is black on white.

The gem of my journey, NB/WB in Waterbury, right across from a historic church. I present the far-out photo here, so you only have to click for the close-up. You know the routine by now.

3 years the worse for wear, in 2011.

Heading west on Winooski St. from VT 100/US 2 in Waterbury.

Back east over the bridge, with a view north along the Winooski River.

EB over another Winooski River truss bridge.

Westbound in Montpelier; US 2 leaves Memorial Drive to cross into Montpelier, while as you can see Memorial Drive goes on to I-89. The middle photos have shields with the old Vermont font - you can see it in the curled 9.

Starting on Memorial Drive EB, and continuing through Montpelier toward Barre on US 2 EB. Each of these photos shows signs on the opposite side of the same overhead pole as the westbound signs above - the first sign here is across from the last WB sign above, the second sign here is across from the third WB sign, etc. I think the route names are spelled out on some signs to save space for the arrows (before the "ONLY" was put on the second sign, a button copy arrow I'm sure filled the space beneath the "U.S.").

US 2 Business (with one state-issued green sign slipping in that shouldn't be there), original US 2 past the State House and through the heart of Montpelier, including a short multiplex with VT 12. I have closeups of the last assembly, and trust me, they're worth the detour, but you'll have to click on the VT 12 link below.

US 2 WB nearing downtown.

Progressive EB photos of Granite St. on the eastern fringe of Montpelier. Interesting bit o' trivia: Whether or not it was ever US 2, the original road from Montpelier to Barre is called Barre Rd., and is right on the other side of the river. It stays there, and then follows a series of old alignments including Gallison Hill Road, Wheeler Road, and Codling Road. All in all, about five miles of original highway have been bypassed by the modern road, which follows the south shore of the river pretty closely (only crossing to almost touch the old alignment at Gallison Hill Rd.).

Now WB photos from just east of US 302 up to the same bridge, built in 1902.

A couple of Winooski River bridges on the north side of US 2 (which criss-crosses the river multiple times), sandwiched around a lozenge shield that shouldn't be so rounded on the sides. (It's supposed to be a truncated circle, not an elongated ovoid.) The covered bridge is Martin Bridge in the Marshfield town park, while the other bridge is someone's driveway just west of VT 14.

Old WB shields in St. Johnsbury. This is really with Alternate US 5, but there are very few "ALT." banners to be found.

WB and EB mini-shields in the same city, now at the legitimate US 5. Click on the second photo for a shield closeup of the US 5, showing it was once North US 5 straight ahead.

WB photos starting on the east side of St. Johnsbury. Highway shields typically don't use a font as wide as Series E.

WB at the VT 102 wye, and looking east at New Hampshire from there.

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