Vermont Roads - VT 30 - Scott Bridge

Scott Covered Bridge, VT 30

The Scott Covered Bridge in Townshend was once the longest covered bridge span in Vermont at 166 feet, until a center pier was added in 1981 for support. Unfortunately, with continued lack of maintenance, the bridge has been closed and will soon collapse under its own weight. I can only hope Townshend residents and their neighbors can put something together to save this historic treasure, but time has likely run out.

It's shiny; of course I'm going to take a closeup!

Walking west across the bridge, still allowed in 2011.

I hate all of those "$5 fine for moving faster than a walk" faux historic plaques on every covered bridge in every state. Well, this sign is the real deal for once. If the bridge can't be saved, can I at least have the sign?

Looking north and south along the West River.

The direction missing from the above caption, east.

Wandering down the west bank of the river.

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