Vermont Roads - Pittsford


Just like me, photos progress from north to south.

An eastward panorama from north to south along West Creek Rd. in Florence, Pittsford. Pardon the interloper.

Kendall Hill Rd. EB across Hammond Bridge, now a popular gathering spot.

WB photos, and looking north along Otter Creek.

Signs at the west entrance to the bridge. Although it's well north of the center of Pittsford, between here and the next bridge is where the town got its name.

Speaking of which, here's the next bridge, Depot Hill, EB and WB on the eponymous road.

Between those two, West Creek Rd. heads SB under a former railroad trestle.

Elm St. SB from downtown, across the 1849 Cooley Bridge.

One look north at the bridge, then a panorama looking to the east. You may recognize some of these hills from West Creek Rd.

Continuing down Elm St. and turning west on Gorham Bridge Rd.

EB across Gorham Bridge.

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