Vermont/New Hampshire Roads - Cornish-Windsor Bridge

Cornish-Windsor Bridge, Vermont-New Hampshire

Some of the history and accolades for this unusually long structure. It's a far sight above most covered bridges in how soundly it was engineered.

Although the bridge sags just a little in the middle, it's perfectly safe for vehicular traffic and walked horses. My photos start on the NH side from NH 12A and walk westward.

Looking north and south from the middle of the bridge, then more distant north and south views from the western half. All of the shoals and the downstream island in front of the railroad bridge are normally covered by water, so this is nearly a drought stage.

The former toll house on the Vermont side.

Stone walls, perhaps even older than this fourth iteration of the crossing, guide me onto the bridge as I walk back east across the Connecticut River.

And for a bonus, you can drive across to New Hampshire in this video - click to play.

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