Vermont Roads - S. Newfane

South Newfane

A standard embossed sign found around the state on most locally maintained roads, this one is on Sunset Lake Rd. heading away from Brattleboro and VT 9, entering Dummerston at this point. Newfane (of which South Newfane is a part) is next.

Looking south from Dover Rd. at the Depot Rd. bridge over the Rock River. The signs were probably once hand-painted with directions at the junction, but are now just... signs.

Signs with messages still intact, WB and EB on Dover Rd. See how embossing things works so well?

WB over the Williamsville Bridge, another Rock River crossing.

Crossing back eastward, with a look east along the river.

Continuing west and turning north briefly on Parish Hill Rd. in the heart of South Newfane. Yes, this is the Rock River a third time, with a third different type of interesting, historic bridge.

Crossing back south, with a westward river view.

Finally, these seven signs are stacked up at the Dover Rd. WB split with Auger Hole Rd. All I know about them is that they're no older than the designation of Route 9 in 1922, and probably not much newer than the 1940s.

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