Vermont Roads - Misc.

Misc. photos

VT 38 EB and WB. You wouldn't know unless I told you.

If you like signs that predate the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD), Vermont's got 'em! These are on Flamstead Road, just off of VT 103 at the Green Mountain Pike north of Chester.

Still more on Flamstead Road - a vehicular wooden bridge between the Pike and 103.

Old and on the wrong side of the road, facing WB 104 traffic.

VT 106 NB, with a wooden sign that has no brother in Vermont that I've seen.

Old EB and WB shields at Bates Hill Rd.

As old as they get, courtesy Doug Kerr.

The entirety of VT 119, looking west from the state line at the Connecticut River until it meets US 5 and VT 142. It's still longer than VT 26.

In Woodstock, courtesy Jake Warner, and VT 149 EB, courtesy me.

Weatherhead Hollow Rd. NB, from Massachusetts into Guilford.

On Landgrove Rd. WB from Weston.

Landgrove Rd. SB and NB (it's C-shaped) at Little Michigan Rd., which leads to Mt. Tabor Rd., which circumnavigates that mountain and comes out to US 7.

River St. EB across Otter Creek, entering the west side of Rutland from Dorr Drive.

High Pond Rd. EB in Brandon.

Southbound on Bridge Street in Richmond. This truss bridge is fairly old and worn (like others across the state), but the one-way operation has nothing to do with weight restrictions - it's because the bridge is just too narrow to be safe for two directions at once.

Now northbound across the bridge.

Step back with Michael Summa to 1977 in the first photo and 1980 in the second one. No date on the third one, but you'll still find the second embossed sign on many routes, and if you dig hard there are a couple of teardrop State Highway Route Begins signs scattered around. (The other signs can also still be found around the state. What a great state.)

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