Vermont Roads - Main St., Burlington

Main Street, Burlington

Older stuff heading west through downtown. The latter two signals are at Winooski Ave., former US 7 SB and still seemingly Alternate US 7. If it exists, as only one sign supports, Alt. US 7 follows the original US 7 SB only, whereas the old US 7 NB on Union St. (the first signal, and obviously the street sign) has definitely been decommissioned as a route. Back when US 7 went this way, Main St. from Winooski Ave. east was at least partly US 2 (EB only for that one block).

EB from there to modern US 2/7 on Willard St., past a trailblazer missing a very important "TO." US 2 still heads east from here on Main St. Notice that the bus stop colors match those of Ben & Jerry's - I wonder which followed the other's example.

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