Vermont Roads - I-89

SB at I-91, just before the VT border (and Connecticut River crossing). I-91 doesn't get an exit number because VT and NH both don't number Interstate-Interstate junctions. Note the diagrammatic and the "NORTH 91 SOUTH".

Northbound, same spot. I don't think 1/3 mile is generally an acceptable fraction on highways.

An example of Eisenhower Interstate System shielding. Not sure why it's here, since all the Interstates are part of it anyway.

Old unreflective milepost, SB.

Kewl falling rocks signage.

A couple of old signs still dot I-89, including one on each side at the Connecticut River, and one with four "digits" (100B) in a 2dsr circle. Yes, VT does have 3dsr ovals, but probably didn't use them at the time of the Exit 9 BGS. These are both southbound.

Further south at Exit 2, on each side there is an example of a BGS where one shield is new but the other is an old circle. Since the circle shields are retained in VT for state routes maintained by towns, it's probable the BGS was only half-updated for just that reason, but it's also possible VT is just slow.

And in this case, the exit BGS is missing - you only get the ¼-mile advance, courtesy Dan Vincent.

There's one fully metric distance sign each way on I-89 at about this location (~10 miles north/west of Montpelier). No other ones anywhere on the Interstate, but there are some metric/English signs.

Like the I-91 BGS's, this SB BGS at the beginning of I-189 has no exit number. Not sure why Burlington isn't mentioned on the sign, since that's the only place I-189 actually takes you.

Some BGS's seem to predate exit numbering; the numbers are tacked on to most BGS's around Burlington and northward to the border. These are at exits 14W and 14E SB.

Speaking of old green signs at Exit 14, this is the only button copy left on I-89 (besides the Connecticut River sign above, which might actually be in New Hampshire).

This is the first SB exit on I-89, and like the Exit 14 BGS's lacks a tab (it's technically Exit 22). This is also now the beginning of US 7, which used to begin at the border station a few hundred feet back. The sign layout is a little wonky for whatever reason.

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