Vermont Roads - Covered Bridges

Covered bridges

This page has a few assorted bridges on it. Here are links to others around the state:

Chamberlin, Schoolhouse (S. Wheelock Rd.)
Chiselville (Arlington)
Cilley, Flint, Howe, Larkin, Mill, Moxley (VT 110)
Columbia (VT 102)
Comstock, Hopkins, Longley (VT 118)
Cooley, Depot Hill, Gorham, Hammond (Pittsford)
Creamery (VT 9)
Dummerston (VT 30)
Fisher Railroad (VT 15)
Gold Brook, Stowe Walkway (Stowe)
Henry, Paper Mill, Silk Road (VT 67A)
Miller's Run/Bradley (VT 122)
Mt. Orne
Power House (VT 100C)
Pulp Mill
Quechee [former], Taftsville (US 4/VT 12)
River Road (Troy)
Sanborn (US 5)
Sanderson (VT 73)
Sayres (VT 113)
Scott (VT 30)
Union Village (VT 132)
Village (Waitsfield)
Warren (VT 100)
West Arlington (VT 313)
Williamsville (S. Newfane)
Grist Mill Covered Bridge, Jeffersonville

Heading south from VT 108 on Canyon Rd. and then east over the bridge.

Back west.

Walking south along Brewster River to the parking area, accompanied by a friend. I don't normally do this with non-roads, but click on him for a closeup.

The northward view.
Halpin Bridge, Middlebury

Heading east over the bridge from Halpin Road.

Looking up from the eastern bank of the Muddy Branch of the New Haven River. This is the highest covered bridge over a stream (as opposed to the Connecticut River, for example) in Vermont.
Orne Bridge, Coventry

This bridge is actually a modern replica, built in 2000 to replace an arson victim. The first 4 photos head west on Back Coventry Rd., and the last 3 are EB.
Station Bridge, Salisbury

Heading west from Creek Rd. in Salisbury to Swamp Rd. in Cornwall across Otter Creek. The central pier was added in 1970 and clearly was not constructed with aesthetics in mind.

Now heading east. The bridge is also known as Salisbury Bridge.
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