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The town of Arlington is not entirely situated on VT 7A, which is the old routing of US 7. The train station, for example, is on Chittenden Dr. While exploring Arlington, here is what I saw:

The left and right crossbucks, when facing eastbound, on E. Arlington Rd. They are cast iron, which you can see by clicking on each photo for a closeup.

The WB face of the first photo above, taken in the sunnier direction. Again, click for closeup.

The logo on all of the signal equipment, for any signalgeeks reading this page.

Heading north on Chittenden Dr. into the "other" downtown of Arlington. The Arlington station has seen better days.

The ancient style of railroad signal preserved atop the old station.

The oldest signs of all are on tiny Legion Rd., which dead-ends in someone's backyard. No one needs to tell you how old and cool the STOP sign is, but the green square has me flummoxed. What was the R for? There may have been a railroad spur crossing here, but usually R signs were for when routes turn right. Then again, R signs used for that purpose were generally embossed. You can see it's right by the STOP sign with no room between them for anything. Was this sign always here or was it moved from the main road or somewhere else? Who knows.

Here is the Chiselville Covered Bridge on Sunderland Hill Rd. I'm traveling NB up to and over the bridge, which is east of Arlington. That's amazingly accurate detail on the warning sign, specific only to this one bridge.

Some details of the bridge from the north side, including a look down the miniature ravine it crosses.

Now drive across the bridge southbound by clicking on this video.

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