Victoria Roads - SR 40

SR 40

WB at Victoria St. in Preston.

In the SB median past Springfield Rd. in Nunawading. Wait, didn't I just say SR 40 runs east-west? Well, half of it does. The other half heads due south from SR 36. That piece really ought to have an odd number to hold the grid. SR 31 looks available.

NB at SR 10, then SR 10 EB at the same intersection. The abbreviation D'nong amuses me - it's fairly easy to understand, but absolutely non-standard. SR 11 is the former designation for what became M11 (since it's all freeway).

Speaking of which, it looks like VicRoads went and replaced the SR 11 sign here instead of patching it over, probably because the old SR 11 had a break that prevented it from even reaching Frankston. This is NB at the current northern terminus of M11, which someday may continue north to Dingley.

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