Victoria Roads - Misc. Photos

Misc. Photos

B110 heading SW in Dromana.

B220 heading north from M8. Something about the way VicRoads manufacture signs allows pollen to settle on top of the legend.

A rare standalone shield gets lost in the sign salad on C315 SB in Wodonga.

There is entirely too much going on on this C777 NB sign at Eastbourne Rd. (sorry, the camera chose to focus on my windscreen).

A780, Western Port Highway, heading south from C781. Again, sorry for the windscreen photo of the "Western Port Marina" sign. The A780 patch in the second photo is likely over an SR 65 shield, which dates the sign to 1998 at the latest (believable from its condition).

Heading west from C777.

The first photo is on C789 SB underneath M11. The second is not on C789 but is clearly following the same Platypus Route.

Blackwood-Dunkeld Rd. SB, then Young St. SB from Dugdale St. in Bacchus Marsh.

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