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SR 32, Boundary Rd., WB in Laverton North at M8.

What a strange concept, cutting the centre out of the arrow. I feel like that decreases target value. This is Errol St. SB at Victoria St. near downtown Melbourne, where the streetcar comes out of the median to my right and swings across to the left (see the catenaries at top).

Getting closer to downtown, this is the William Barak Bridge - a footbridge crossingto Melbourne Cricket Ground - seen from Flinders St. near Batman Ave.

Speak of the Batman, and up he flies. Because the Citylink portion of M1 is tolled, all signs pointing to it get the gold on blue treatment. It's convenient to therefore think that Batman Ave. gets the rare blue on gold street sign for the same reason, but you'd be wrong and poorer for it, because in fact this surface street is tolled as well. Why that is, I can't say; it may depend on Melbourne rush hour traffic, because there are plenty of free alternatives.

La Trobe St. at Russell St. Unlike the rest of Australia decades ago, Melbourne never abandoned the hook turn, so here you have an LED sign explaining how it works. If you want to turn right, you keep left (similar to a New Jersey jughandle) and then pull out of the travel lane to the left - not blocking people making a left at the intersection, but continuing so that you're definitely in the way of traffic crossing to the right. Once the through light turns red and the crossing light turns green, however many cars were able to fit in the hook turn queuing space get to go first before everyone on the cross street who was patiently waiting their turn. It seems unfair, but it's inherently safer than permitting right turns.

Along Nicholson St., there are bi-directional streetcar tracks in the striped median. It may be easy to pull onto them, but that is only allowed when making a right. Otherwise, this sign tells you to stay off of that "fairway". This older sign is SB at Gertrude St., and the criss-crossing wires (and tracks) in every direction are at Victoria Parade (SR 32).

Something you don't see every day: a pedestrian signal repurposed for traffic use. When pedestrians get the WALK to cross Spring St. at Parliament, Bourke St. EB gets this warning.

Older crossbucks on Station St. NB (left and right) and SB (left and right again) in Fairfield.

SR 19 (Glenferrie Rd.) NB at SR 20 (Riversdale Rd.) in Hawthorn. I'm mainly showcasing the old signal poles, but I wanted to throw in the spiderweb of streetcar catenaries.

More old signal poles 2 blocks to the west at an SR 20 pedestrian crossing.

SR 24 SB near the Big Watermelon in Wantirna South, then turning south on SR 9 entering Rowville.

Hemmings St. heading east from Jones Rd. in Dandenong.

NR Alt. 1 (the old A1, now bypassed by M1) at 5th Ave., also in Dandenong and heading north to Melbourne in, oh, 30 km. This sign may predate the Alternate designation.

All the way over to South Dandenong, here M420 intersects NR Alt. 1 and you get to see the unique shield.

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