Victoria Roads - M11

M11, Mornington Peninsula Freeway

A historical gem appears along the last constructed leg of M11 SB from Jetty Rd. to C777, which is not only a single carriageway, but lacks the freeway overpass of Jetty Rd. entirely as well as the future NB roadway beyond there. (The ROW for an extension of M11 is clear all the way down to Melbourne Rd. in Blairgowrie, but is just starting to be talked about.) Until the "Peninsula Link" section of M11 was built from Carrum Downs to Frankston South, there were two discrete freeway segments, and each was labeled SR 11. Most signs were patched upon connection of the freeways in January 2013 (just before my visit), but they missed this straggler.

Jetty Rd. NB at the M11 interchange (which right now carries the mainline through two roundabouts) and a sign pointing Eastbourne Rd. EB traffic down Jetty Rd. south to the same point. Here the patches were dutifully applied.

All remaining photos are northbound.

The easy way to figure out when you're in the "Peninsula Link" section of M11 is when everything gets really weird.

The cool blue stylings of toll roads in VIC are interrupted by the innovation of exit numbers, which appear to jarringly still use white on green.

I thought we were past the weird part of M11, but Louise Paramor installed her 2012 "Panorama Station" along the older SR 11 freeway section. It's intended to be a metal representation of oversized common plastic objects. Per her website, "The artwork blurs the lines between sculpture, architecture and machinery..." to which I would add, "and the definition of artwork."

Australia uses the same decimal point we do - bottom justified, not centred.

M11 ends at SR 40... for now. Just like at the southern end, this T interchange with the mainline using the future ramps has ROW graded all the way up to Dingley, where it would tie into the SR 87 Dingley Bypass. This extension would have the devilish name of Mordialloc Freeway, which I think means "Highway to Hell".

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