Victoria Roads - B100

B100, Great Ocean Road

EB from Mepunga East to... something. Possibly The Grotto, since the photo just before it is in Peterborough.

EB and WB, and whole.

Across Barham River and Wild Dog Creek (left and right sides). Great Ocean Road is so tourist-clogged, VicRoads felt the need to post this message on both sides of the road leaving Apollo Bay.

Check out this nice wall. I'm reserving the scenery at Mt. Defiance Lookout for the Non-Roads page, so you can just enjoy this old retaining wall on the topic of roads.

The Lorne Swing Bridge, or what the rest of the English-speaking world would call a Swinging Bridge. Swing bridges are a much different thing where the bridge pivots to let marine traffic through. This is a suspension bridge for pedestrians and does not do that.

Eastern View, featuring one of the two Great Ocean Road memorial arches, and then over Moggs Creek. No more scenery for you.

In Anglesea. OKAY THEN.

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