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I think I took this photo with just long enough exposure at just the right time to capture the green changing to yellow, along Lydiard St. NB at Sturt St. (see enamel street sign) in Ballarat.

M3, Eastern Fwy.
M11, Mornington Peninsula Fwy.
M31, Hume Fwy.
M80 Ring Road
A1, Princes Hwy.
A8, Western Hwy.
A300, Midland Hwy.
B100, Great Ocean Rd.
SR 21
SR 40
SR 46
SR 55
SR 83
Misc. Photos

This old sign is mounted on a railway gate at Ballarat Station, and it has a counterpart on the other side of the road. The gates on both sides of Lydiard St. need to be manually opened to block the street whenever a train enters or departs the station, with the STOP signs on the left-hand gate in each direction, and then closed across the track again. The gates are maintained in operating condition specifically to honour the heritage protection overlay for the Ballarat Station. The sign and its doppelganger have since been replaced with a modern octagon, but the old gates remain.

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