Virginia Roads - VA 55/Bus. US 17 (Marshall)/US 340/US 522

VA 55, VA 55/Business US 17 (Marshall), US 340/VA 55, US 340/522/VA 55

VA 55 EB leaves US 11 in Strasburg, and attempts to upgrade on the spot.

There's no error on VA 55 WB, but the shields are older and cutout, so click for a closeup.

US 17 clearly went through Marshall once, but it now jumps onto I-66 south of downtown, leaving a Business route to carry on. Either these shields predate that, or they're just wrong. VA 55 WB then meets up with Business 17 NB, and they turn south (it's opposite day) on Free State Rd. for Business 17 to end at its parent and VA 55 to jump on I-66 at the next interchange west, rather than follow the old road on Grove Lane.

EB with US 17 SB entering the west end of the I-66 concurrency.

EB into town until Business US 17 SB splits off, and then comes the gem of the entire route, an original Dulles Airport sign from the early 1960s, with rotatable arrow. Click on the last photo for a closeup. Now.

Two other approaches to the downtown Marshall junction, VA 55 WB and Business US 17 NB.

SB/EB (first two photos, taken over my shoulder of course) and NB/WB (last two) on US 340/VA 55. The old signals at Main St. show you why the MUTCD now requires red arrows instead of the optional red ball treatment. Because, otherwise, what would you do in this situation?

US 340/522 NB and VA 55 WB in Front Royal, around a rather nasty S-curve. The first photo is the first two-toned square background I've ever witnessed - this is why we cut out Interstate shields, folks. Modern auxiliary signs omit "Safe Speed", but even the old ones don't say "Maximum", so this must be a city job.

Ugly shields, ugly attempt at slicing an LGS; there should just be a separate sign.

VA 55 EB, still with US 340/522 SB, across the South Fork Shenandoah River into Front Royal.

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