Virginia Roads - US 460/US 11/US 13/US 58

US 460, US 11/460, US 13/58/460

US 460 WB and EB in its westernmost VA reaches, west of US 19. The construction into Artia is widening the road by a bit to provide a shoulder and I guess space for locals to park. Notice the sign is decidedly off-kilter.

Courtesy H.B. Elkins, this is on the WB ramp to SR 720 (secondary or county-numbered state route). The assembly on the left is fine, although the wide shield is appropriate for a West Virginia secondary, not a Virginia one. Since we're right on the border, I might let that slide. Nobody moves, though, until there's a reckoning for using an Interstate shield instead of a Virginia shield. At least it's cut out? VA 102 east is also to the right (on 720 EB), so no WEST needed. For once, that's the lesser error.

These are the remnants of a railroad trestle over the New River at Glen Lyn, where US 460 reenters VA after a jaunt through WV.

Old cutouts just east of there, courtesy H.B. Elkins (the sign says "W. VA. TURNPIKE ->"). However, this is east of the first photo. US 460 comes out of WV, decides it hasn't had enough, and briefly dips back in. Makes sense since there was once no state border there in the mountains.

From H.B. again, look carefully... it's a one-piece!

Michael Summa captured this US error in Christiansburg, and then the next time he came up that way, it was replaced by an even more egregious sign. Better a US highway than this monstrosity.

WB from Salem with US 11 SB. US 11 and US 11 Alternate cross in Salem, which begs the question why US 11 itself doesn't just turn onto 4th St. from College Avenue and meet US 460 at this point.

I've heard the drawbridge joke, but drawsign?

Church Ave. in Roanoke, WB at 2nd St., courtesy Weill Casey via Lou Corsaro. A very temporary sign, but it was used for directing traffic, so it counts for my site.

Another one-piece! Woonsocket-style! Courtesy H.B. Elkins.

WB in Bedford on Business US 460 (the old road). More of this style sign in Bedford can be seen on VA 43 and US 221 (linked below).

Embossed street signs on the westbound side of US 460 while multiplexed with VA 49 NB in Crewe, first two photos courtesy Lou Corsaro.

WB heading into Burkeville and EB heading out of it, from the same intersection just east of town. When I take the photos that close to the signs, I can see all the little cracks that betray their age.

EB just before the Nottoway business route leaves, then onto that route into Blackstone. Obviously the Blackstone bypass is relatively new enough that an old shield from what used to be mainline US 460 remains in service.

One-piece assemblies in Blackstone, where I leave the route.

And now pretty cutouts (the way they all should be), courtesy Lou Corsaro.

The green multiplex sign is superseded by newer standalone shields, so why not remove the old sign? Nearing Virginia Beach, courtesy Chris Lawson and submitted by Adam Prince.

Stepping back into Suffolk a little bit, courtesy Lou Corsaro; these are all supposed to be Business shields, but they try to get away with it by having arrows.

The first two photos are courtesy Lou Corsaro, at which point he's off the business triplex and onto the main concurrency. To the right at the bubbly-shield VA 337 intersection is the oldest alignment of US 58, which split here from the newer alignment that's now just the Business route.

Suffolk, which is south of Norfolk of course (though county-wise, Sussex is north of Essex and both are north of Middlesex in New Jersey), has a -completed bypass. US 13 uses the western loop, all three routes come around the top, but the southeastern quadrant has not yet been built. This stub would complete the circle, probably carrying US 13 , leaving the southwestern leg as anyone's guess.

US 460 WB follows US 13 SB by making a right on Old Military Highway to get to, well, Military Highway, US 58. However, US 460 EB follows the southwestern part of Old Military Highway, meaning one can travel straight from EB onto WB, and meaning it leaves US 13 only to rejoin it. Then again, US 460 is taking the faster route to do so, so 13 should follow 460. The reason the WB side doesn't follow the EB side is because there would be no signal to cross extremely busy US 13/58/460 NB/EB in that direction.

Cavalier Blvd. SB at US 13/460, courtesy Lou Corsaro. The I-64 Inner (EB until Hampton Roads) offramp is immediately opposite Cavalier.

US 13 NB/US 460 EB (not NB) pass what's actually Business US 17 (the regular route follows I-64 through the city), first photo courtesy Lou Corsaro, and then cross the Elizabeth River in Chesapeake on a bridge that will soon be no more. The old drawbridge was 4 lanes, but is being narrowed to 2 so that half of the new bridge can be built in the same footprint. At some point, the old bridge will close, the new draw span will be floated in (I expect this whole operation to take just one weekend), and then 2 lanes of traffic will be on the new, higher bridge while the remaining new lanes are built. Based on these photos, it looks like the existing drawbridge structure is being innovatively reused.

This was briefly where Poindexter St. meets US 460/VA 166, which head right (west/south) on Bainbridge Blvd. or straight (east/north). Most of Poindexter's length is an I-464 interchange, and the EB-SB ramp happened to be closed. Rather than follow the detour, my solution was a U-turn to the open WB-SB ramp.

US 460 ends up heading north through Norfolk and passes to the east of the world's largest naval base. The first photo is on the little piece of Admiral Taussig Blvd. that begins at Little Creek Rd. and heads west to end at US 460. The rest of the Boulevard is better known as I-564, which is accessed via the convenient EB loop ramp just beyond the Taussig Blvd. intersection.

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