Virginia Roads - US 421, 11E/11W, 58

US 421 (and US 11E, 11W, 58)

US 421 comes into Bristol from the Tennessee side on Pennsylvania Avenue, as it always does, and then follows the following progression: State Street west four blocks, Randall Street north one block, Cumberland Street west four blocks, Piedmont Avenue south one long block, Goode St. west four blocks, and Commonwealth Ave./US 11E/VA 381 to get to Euclid Ave./US 11W (and a wrong-way duplex). You can probably do better by looking at a map, or indeed, simply by sticking pins in random street names in an alphabetical directory of Bristol. At the very least, why can't traffic just stay on Cumberland once it gets there? The original route took US 421 onto State Street, the dividing line between the states and thus the most popular tourist drag in town, but at least the most direct connection across the city. For that reason alone, it makes sense to avoid the center of town, but why not use the intermediate routing, Goodson St. to Mary St. to Piedmont Ave. to Euclid/US 11? The simpler a route, the easier it is to follow, and if a dedicated road enthusiast like Lou can't even figure out where to go in Bristol, what hope does your average traveler have?

State Street, former US 421, eastbound (thus technically on the Tennessee side), courtesy Lou Corsaro. The old signal hangs just north of the state line at 17th St., and the welcome sign is just past Pennsylvania Ave.

US 421 NB makes one of several turns in Bristol and picks up a wrong-way Truck route concurrency. 421 NB turns from State St. onto Randall St., then joins VA 113 on Cumberland St., then inexplicably comes back south on Piedmont Ave. to Goode St. before joining US 11E/19 on Commonwealth Ave. I think this is where 421 turns onto Piedmont, where it ought to continue straight on Cumberland.

US 421 SB/US 11W NB at VA 381, which becomes I-381 (spiffy 2di-width shield there), courtesy H.B. Elkins. Even if "Route" is unnecessary, I forgive this sign, but VDOT wasn't as kind, because it's sadly gone now. This intersection is where US 11W and 11E meet to form US 11 once again.

US 421/11E (and 19) NB approaching the same spot, with the stretched sign at Highland Ave. courtesy Lou Corsaro.

The other direction on 421/11E/19, which also carries wrong-way truck routes for added complexity.

US 421 NB now turns and picks up US 11W for a short while, second photo courtesy Lou Corsaro. The duplex is about to reach the Tennessee border in the first photo, where US 421 splits and remain in Virginia to the second photo and a repeat of the non-cutout shield.

An old BGS greets travelers in the opposite direction, US 421 SB. Making a right immediately puts you into TN, heading almost due west on north-south US 11W, while following US 421 keeps you in VA for another mile or two around Bristol.

Remaining photos are courtesy Lou Corsaro.

NB after leaving US 11W at Midway St., which heads back into Tennessee. Better to keep all the crazies on that side, says Virginia.

Some squeezing involved - why not just use the proper three-digit shield? US 58 leaves US 421 here to jump north without the headaches of traffic lights.

NB/WB on the US 421/58 duplex across the North Fork Holston River east of Weber City.

Two more multiplex photos now with US 23 NB as well. There is definitely no US 871 - in fact, there has never been a US Highway number over 830.

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