Virginia Roads - US 33/US 15

US 33 and US 15/33

RIDOT strikes again, EB in Harrisonburg courtesy Lou Corsaro.

In the Gordonsville roundabout, where US 33 EB comes into the circle with VA 231 SB (a short-lived arrangement) and leaves in dalliance with US 15 SB, and vice versa.

WB advance signage for the roundabout seems to ignore its existence. I'd say that's because it's quite new and the signs are old, but I really think the signs are just designed to old standards, possibly having replaced prior signs in kind when the roundabout went in without giving thought to elucidating the messages. The distance sign in particular looks new and old at the same time, with tiny all-caps letters and arrows.

EB leaving Gordonsville.

Crossing the county line is enough to bring US 15/33 into the east side of incorporated Gordonsville.

WB in Louisa, courtesy Lou Corsaro.

Near its end, US 33 joins with US 250, ending while multiplexed in downtown Richmond. Though it could just as easily have ended at the 250 junction, this not only preserves a major city terminus for 33, but links it with the west end of VA 33. An unfortunate side effect of Richmond maintenance has been a key left-turn restriction that prevents US 33 EB traffic from directly accessing VA 33, so while they come out of downtown seeming like a continuous route, they are not at the mesoscopic scale. Also, US 33 is an east-west route, despite its odd number.

Looking west from VA 197, where did US 33 go, and why are there so many utility poles in a row? Actually, this is the magic of high zoom, bringing the background into the foreground.

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