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Courtesy Lou Corsaro, these northbound signs, remarkably, all refer to the same intersection. In the first photo, there is no mention at all of US 58 Business. In the second, the sign is so old that it predates the freeway bypass of Emporia, so the road was indeed US 58 once. The third photo gets the routes right but the numerals all wrong. I'm waiting for a resourceful teenager to create US 518.

Another old sign as I head SB through Emporia. US 301 gets another divided section south of the city.

US 301 was all four-lane divided highway prior to I-95's construction, so the latter freeway to the left steals half of the highway wherever it's constructed in 301's alignment. Here, facing south courtesy Lou Corsaro, I-95 diverges onto its own alignment near Jarratt (Exit 20) and US 301 resumes its divided status.

SB from old VA 40 (pre I-95) in Stony Creek across the Nottoway River, paralleling I-95 the whole way. It was a former Florida style to use two-digit shields for three-digit routes with 1's in them, but the key word is former.

Another SB run from Templeton south to I-95 Exit 33. As I go against my direction of travel, the sun gets brighter!

NB in Templeton, crossing I-95 with VA 35 SB.

US 301 NB/Business US 460 WB in Petersburg, at VA 36 (West is ahead).

Just after US 301 SB leaves US 1 (see the big link at bottom for that entire concurrency), this sign is on Bank St. at E. 4th St. in Petersburg.

US 301 and VA 2, together even though VA 2 ends at US 1 while duplexed on 301.

As the first sign reveals, this are both on US 301 Business (first photo shared with VA 2) NB in Bowling Green. Lou remarks that the wooden post in the second photo looks new, which surprises both of us because the sign looks old and lacks that Business banner.

Courtesy Lou Corsaro, you can't read the signs, but you can see that US 301 is a Blue Star Memorial Highway. They're specially designated to honor our servicemen, but I don't see why some roads get to and others don't.

US 301 SB down to Bowling Green, where US 301 both ends and continues. No, it continues. Blame VDOT for the "END US 301" in this direction and the "BEGIN US 301" on VA 207 (see page linked at bottom), but also be sure to thank them for putting the state name back in their shields. Signing SR 614 in both directions with separate shields and no directional banners is unfortunately typical for these minor routes, probably because so many do not carry their number across major highways.

NB courtesy Lou Corsaro at the same SR 614 seen in my SB photo run. NSWC = Naval Surface Warfare Center. OK, the Navy conducts warfare on the surface, I can live with there being a center for that. And Dahlgren, that's the division. But DD is Dahlgren Division. I guess they call themselves NSWCDD, so some officious person decided the DD had to be added, notwithstanding (finally used that word in a sentence) that "Dahlgren" already did a perfectly fine job of identifying this particular NSWC.

NB from VA 206 to old shields at the top of the state, with the Gov. Harry W. Nice Memorial Bridge in the background. The Maryland border is right on the low tide line, so the entire bridge is in Maryland and only maintained by that state.

A sign at the entrance to the SR 652 picnic area, dating to before FHWA Highway Gothic font was set as the standard in the 1970's. Since that time, whatever was a quantifiable distance south closed, probably because I-95 fully opened and took all the traffic away. I never did find the tourist info on US 301, let alone "just" south.

The very nice Nice bridge seen from the picnic (and fishing, I guess) area. Feel free to paint the second photo.

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