Virginia Roads - US 29/VA 237

US 29 and 29/VA 237

SB around Danville, courtesy Lou Corsaro. Not only do street names take a backseat here, they shouldn't be present at all.

Lou's photos head NB from there to an old truss bridge on Old Riverbend Rd. north of Altavista, continuing to Charlottesville.

SB at and onto the US 250 WB concurrency north and west of Charlottesville, first photo courtesy Lou Corsaro. Both highways divide into Business and "By-pass" variants, as if that word still required hyphenation (or maybe it's just on those shields). I'm pretty sure the black-on-yellow arrows are not each over the center of a lane, as required by the MUTCD, nor are they required to be black on yellow because they are not exiting. To go into the city on the old route, follow the big Business US 29 link at the bottom of the page.

Hold on, let me bring that caption back for a second. South Business Orange V? What kind of route is that? I mean, if you go to UVA, then sure, you get it, but that sign isn't meant for people who go to UVA, because they already know how to get there. Keep that on a supplementary sign, keep "South Business" over the 29 shield, and list "Univ. of VA" as a secondary destination if you absolutely must.

SB past US 33 (the link to Skyline Drive).

There's a nice long NB pullout by the side of a field where you can find all of these. Sign G15 explains why they're all at this spot.

Actually, this might be the house to which sign G16 refers, just south of the area on the SB side.

Heading south from US 50 toward the final (if SB) or first (if NB) meeting with I-66. The mismatched pair (66 being east-west) follow each other to DC. I guess in the 1930s, Virginia wasn't yet comfortable putting the Confederacy first on a sign, because the South recognizes the Battles of Bull Run as the Battles of Manassas.

Along US 50, there are shields too small and I-66 shields too not-cut out.

US 29 and VA 237 remain multiplexed for some distance... the exclusion of even mentioning US 29. In fact, this isn't even on VA 237 anymore! US 50 is about to join the WB-SB multiplex with US 29 here, which is just after VA 237 made a left to head south to its end. This just got posted on the wrong road.

An older NB secondary route shield.

Hillwood Ave. in Falls Church as it bears off of US 29 NB (Lee Highway EB).

Cutouts are dying in Virginia, but not dead yet by any means. These are SB, and the first is courtesy Lou Corsaro (having died since).

In downtown Falls Church.

Northbound at Fairfax Drive and Washington Blvd., a one-way pair on top of I-66, and then the last photo is SB. VA 237 finally leaves US 29 in the first photo and continues eastward on its own.

On the NB side.

For something not related to I-66, I present VA 309 and older shields, courtesy Lou Corsaro.

Just across the Francis Scott Key Bridge, 29 runs into I-66 for the first time. I-66 WB gets a state-name shield, since most traffic will be heading that way, but I-66 EB (back into Washington DC, and reached via the other direction of US 29) gets an adorable I-395/(Reagan) Airport sign. It's as Philadelphia as VDOT gets (Arlington is not a city, but a county, so unlike the real cities it doesn't get to erect its own signage on state highways).

US 29 SB gets I-66 a second and then a third time (you can see how far up the page they've been parallel), involving blue signs where green would not only work just fine, but would also be compliant with the MUTCD. Courtesy Lou Corsaro, these sandwich the VA 309 photo above.

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