Virginia Roads - US 250/11

US 250, US 11/250

SB at a cutout at the end of a duplex in Churchville, courtesy Lou Corsaro.

US 250/Business 11 EB/SB in Staunton, with a bunch of cutouts and I-Arrow. The question it begs is, which Interstate? I-81 is the obvious answer, but I-64 is right there too, so that's why there's no number shown. (Not that that excuses the sign.) The two branches of US 11 (Business and "Truck", which I believe to be the mainline) come back together at the railroad underpass, whose clearance signs need up arrows to be completed.

Another Staunton sign, courtesy Charlie O'Reilly.

The last interesting bit, EB/SB where US 250 and 11 split. The shape of the I-81 shield makes me wonder if someone tried to replace an original-spec squashed shield (21"x18" were the proportions) by replicating the design. News flash: you failed.

Old US 250, Rowe Rd., was cut off by I-81 and the interchange it brought. Sangers Lane is the way out to US 250, and gives you this interpretation of a "divided highway" sign. It's special.

Over to Waynesboro, at Lew Dewitt Blvd., EB.

WB in downtown Waynesboro, where 3-digit shields and cutout Interstate blanks are never used. Unlike the US 340 approaches, these signs are correct. To see what I mean, follow the US 340 link at the bottom of the page and make your way to the US 250 intersection. VA 254, which you first saw in Staunton, is definitely the long way between the two points.

US 250 EB with US 340 NB, which come together briefly east of Waynesboro before parting here. US 340 almost looks normal in its narrow shield with a Series C font. US 250/340 once ran together for a lot longer until US 250 was rerouted onto Broad St. and a newer bridge to the north of Main St. - hence the "bump" in the previous photos where US 250 and 340 both turn at the same intersection without crossing.

EB in October leaving Waynesboro.

WB on the bypass (or by-pass, since we're all in the 19th century suddenly) around Charlottesville.

14th St. NB at US 250 in Richmond, and then continuing around and under 250 via a loop ramp onto a tight urban trumpet interchange that once managed to fit a toll plaza in. There really wasn't room for this setup, and traffic increases year after year, so it's fortunate that the toll was removed years ago.

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