Virginia Roads - US 221/460, Roanoke and S./US 58/US 11/Bus. US 220

, Roanoke and south

  and US 58
  and US 11
  and Business US 220
  and US 460

The photo above was taken by Weill Casey and submitted by Lou.

US 221 SB through Hillsville. As of 2013, when I took these photos, the first two were no longer on US 58, which was relocated to a bypass south of town. Note that Lou's photos below predate the relocation.

NB onto the erstwhile duplex with US 58 in Galax, courtesy Lou Corsaro.

This is what Galax replaced the peeling signs with. I think it's worse than nothing at all.

Cutouts and other oldness, NB on the US 221/58 duplex in Hillsville and again courtesy Lou Corsaro.

Nighttime cutouts SB, in 2013 and so not involving US 58. You don't need the whole picture in the third photo to see what's wrong with the secondary route "circle".

Roanoke's own outline shields, seen on a southbound progression into the city. Roanoke also finds a way to bastardize the I-581 shields - but at least the state name is included. Apologies for the flash glare, but clearly the shield assemblies "to US 11 and VA 116" are using the wrong font.

US 221 and a trio of followers SB into Roanoke, second photo courtesy Lou Corsaro and fourth photo taken by Weill Casey and submitted by Lou. The third photo is where US 11 leaves the multiplex, at Salem Ave., and the fourth is where the remaining routes turn from Williamson Rd. onto Franklin Rd.

More views of downtown Roanoke, as seen from where US 11 turns on Salem Ave. The first photo is the Taubman Art Museum.

The multiplex breaks up, last photo courtesy Lou Corsaro.

Continuing south through Roanoke. You can't tell in the second photo, but that's a JCT banner for a route I'm already on. "Maximum safe speed" is an older legend that has mostly disappeared in Virginia (and any other state that used it).
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