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US 19

US 19 NB in Bristol with US 11E and 421, just across the TN border. The sign with the overly long arrows, courtesy Lou Corsaro, is at Highland Ave.

The other direction in Bristol.

SB in Abingdon, then continuing toward Tennessee and North Carolina, courtesy Lou Corsaro. In fact, Asheville (NC) and Knoxville (TN), the second and third lines on the sign, are in those states. US 19 heads to NC following the newest part of I-26, while US 11 follows I-81 into Tennessee.

NB scenery around Walker Mountain and Clinch Mountain (near Mendota).

One arrow means "ahead". So there are 163 inches of something coming up. Two arrows would mean "clearance." This is on US 19/460 NB/EB west of Tazewell - note that this is the only US 460 photo on this page, because otherwise you'll get confused by the following:

NB into Bluefield on US 19, and only US 19. US 460 now bypasses the town on a freeway, which is bizarre because US 19 and 460 meet again to the east in West Virginia. Because both routes are of the same caliber, they should both bypass and send a business route multiplex into town. At the very least, US 19 is a primary US highway and should get the better road, but the roles are reversed. Obviously, before the freeway, US 460 was indeed on Virginia Ave. as well.
A note on the use of "freeway" - in Virginia, the highway has the usual definition of multiple lanes with no driveways or cross streets. In West Virginia, for an unexplainable reason, "freeway" is defined the same way most people use "expressway," such that there are indeed cross streets (but still no driveways). Other than the Interstates, WV has no interest in building actual freeways, merely referring to its substandard highways as freeways and greedily raking in the Federal ARC (Appalachian Regional Commission) / ARD (American Regional Development) money.

NB at VA 102 itself. I clarify "itself" because the previous photo was at Graham Ave., which is a shortcut to VA 102 WB and an equidistantcut to VA 102 EB. (US 19 makes an S-curve onto the next block southeastward.) The awful triangle shield is one of many incorrect variants scattered around the city of Bluefield - in fact, the prior photo may be the only proper VA 102 shield in city limits. (As an Independent City, Bluefield maintains its own signs, if/when it so chooses.) This photo just goes to show that every assembly in town still references US 460, even to the exclusion of the actual US 19!

SB at VA 102 and then at Graham Ave. It's a lot less understandable in this direction, because going back on Graham to 102 would represent a significant detour over just turning on 102 in the first place. Must just be an excuse for another triangle shield, though a unique style with the indented outline.

Saving the best for last, the only old US cutouts I know of in this city. Click for closeup.

Business 19/460, Tazewell

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