Virginia Roads - I-66

Westbound on the entire Interstate, which isn't very long. It gets to be a 2-digit route because it enters the nation's capital, but it really ought to be a spur of I-81. The green signs are all new, but the brown signs are old enough to predate exit numbering by milepost. I can identify the hill after US 17/VA 55 as Naked Mountain.

In the midst of that run, here's the top of the Exit 28 ramp. "South" is to the left, for your edification, while "North" is straight on I-64 WB.

As short as I-66 is, VA 79 is positively tiny, running a few hundred feet north from VA 55 to I-66 at Exit 13 near Apple Mountain.

I-66/I-495 interchange reconstruction, seen from just north on a rail trail (Washington and Old Dominion) as part of the 2009 DC Road Meet. The work is adding HOT (HOV/Toll) lanes to I-495, and there are a few more photos on that page. The last couple of photos focus on construction in the middle of I-66 building new bridges that will span the HOT lanes, which resulted in the closure of the former left entrance ramp from I-495 NB to I-66 WB (rerouted into the foreground of the last two photos).

These tri-colored berries tickled my fancy on the rail trail as we came back from the I-495 overpass.

Remaining photos were taken eastbound, but not on I-66.

On the left and right sides of VA 267, the Dulles Airport Access Road, respectively, courtesy Lou Corsaro. There are no more exits between VA 123 and I-66, although there are exits for I-66 West at the very end of the highway.

More normal-looking (and state-name!) shields, still on VA 267 EB but now past the I-66 WB exits, making 267 just a long entrance ramp.

The EAST is small but the shield is willing. E Street is its own miniature expressway, which doesn't seem to ever have had plans for expansion, but I-66 EB continues into Washington DC, mostly unsigned in that direction, until it ends at US 29, the Whitehurst Freeway (which would have been I-266, running from I-66 in Virginia from the Spout Run Parkway area but not actually on the Parkway). This was taken on the US 50 ramp onto I-66.

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