Virginia Roads - Bus. US 29/Bus. US 15

and Business US 15/29

NB in Lynchburg on what was US 29 itself until 2005. The Lynchburg Expressway was built in part for US 29 (also US 501) in the 1960's to form a protective loop around downtown. Exit numbers favor US 501, progressing north to south on Business 29 but south to north on 501. While certainly not all of the Business route is freeway, it's one of the few in the country that has a substantial segment of freeway within it. These signs resemble NCDOT with the separate exit tabs (poorly done on the Main St. advance), rounded corners, and bad margins (especially on Concord TNPK - why not "Tpk."?).

SB in Lynchburg, where the "Business" is often an afterthought (also see the photo atop this page), courtesy Lou Corsaro. "210 to 163" would look a lot better than what the sign in the first photo became - a couple shields, curl "Wright Shop Rd." onto two lines, save a bunch of room.

NB in Charlottesville, also courtesy Lou Corsaro. The first sign, Jefferson Park Ave. at Emmet St., is missing the Business from another later-in-life bypass, but the sign doesn't look old enough to abide by that excuse. The underpass is for McCormick Rd. and UVA.

Business US 15/29 SB across the Rappahannock River south of Remington. There's a railroad truss to the east.

The north end of the obvious old Remington alignment.

Up in Warrenton, US 211 magically begins along US 15/29 at the same point that Business US 15 turns off with Business US 211. Rather than extend US 211 to meet actual US routes, VDOT is content to let the route end at its own old alignment. Actually, the original alignment headed northeast on Alexandria Pike toward DC, so this endpoint is completely meaningless. Also, US 211 isn't signed as beginning until hundreds of feet after the intersection, as if the Business route were left dangling.

Until recently, this assembly was accurate, and judging from the old-style sculpted shields, it's not the most recently erected assembly. I'll give it a pass on the error, but this is now Business US 17.

Business US 15 and Business US 29/15, Culpeper
Onto Business US 17 and Business US 29/17, Warrenton

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