Utah Roads - UT 68

All photos on this page are courtesy Doug Kerr. The two shields, one whose numbers look stenciled and one that's definitely seen better days, are by former UT 186. In comparing beehives, notice that there are now lines on top, the entrance has changed shape, and the shield has become less puffier (compare especially the second bump from the button and the top three bumps). Also, if you have sharp eyes, notice that the old shield has a border of white around the black. Finally, yes dear astute observer, the SOUTH banner is actually older than the NORTH banner, since it came with the stenciled shield as opposed to being a replacement.

The very decorative UT 201 overpass, facing north. The 201 shield is more reminscent of old shields - big bump on top, no lines across the hive - but is definitely not an old one (the entrance and the lower bumps are the giveaways).

One-piece shields southbound, and skewed, widely-spaced three-piecers northbound. I-215 is the only three-digit Interstate highway in Utah, and they haven't quite caught up with the wide-shield concept.

Southbound and then, obviously, eastbound. Utah has never hated the the one-piece assemblies, and so you see a lot of non-cutout shields. The outlines around the beehives are new, though (as of 2007), and I've only seen them so far right here. Only the UT 186 shield in the second photo is a legitimate shield, and for all I know the other shields are foam- or cardboard-backed - the vertical stripes on the reflective backing are suspicious. Thomas Silas notes that UT 186 was since rerouted onto former UT 184 and no longer intersects UT 68.

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