Utah Roads - UT 269 and UT 270

UT 269 and UT 270

Somewhere inside Salt Lake City at S 500 W, UT 269 WB, taken by Michael Summa in 1976. Apparently RIDOT wasn't the first...

Heading west through the city, courtesy Doug Kerr, showing that nothing's changed since the 1970's. The second and third photos are at UT 270, the other route on this page (since they make a great pair), but for some reason the arrows disagree. One thing is clear - to get to I-15 NB, one must go a block north to UT 186. This is caused by the I-15/80 split between the 200 S and 600 S blocks. (Between what would be 100 W, 0 E, 100 N, and 0 S is the central Mormon Temple, but instead of these and 100 E being numbered, a bunch of streets named Temple converge on all sides around it.)

UT 270 NB, starting at UT 269 and progressing one block to UT 186, courtesy Doug Kerr. Maybe I should start calling these UDOT shields?

Closing the way I began, with a 1976 Michael Summa photo. As you saw above, today's interchange configuration prevents traffic from getting to I-15 North, but back then there was either a brutal weave or narrower roadways that gave enough room to fit in one additional ramp. The only reason I know this isn't UT 201 is because of the traffic signals.

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