Utah Roads - US 89

US 89

All photos are courtesy Michael Summa except one, and his were taken in the 1970's-80's.

SB at Long Valley Junction, sometime in the mid-80's.

UT 4 was assigned to the I-70 corridor. As I-70 was built, it replaced UT 4 (except for a bypass in one place), and UT 4 was de-designated (though Google Maps still shows it, but then again they show a UT 70...). This scene is at Exit 23, taken in 1983.

NB in the same place, same year. US 89 was rebuilt to head straight north in order to join I-70 for a multiplex. The TEMP I-70 WEST is missing an arrow to the left along UT 4.

UT 258 or UT 120 in Richfield. Either one is old US 89, and this photo was taken heading north in 1983. Dig the old Highway Patrol shield, and dig that two districts apparently have headquarters a block apart. When you're in a state as sparse as Utah, you head to the nearest available city, I guess.

The modern one, like you couldn't tell, US 89 NB just after leaving I-15 in Farmington, courtesy Doug Kerr. UT 106 is old 89. The exit numbers do match US 89, so I guess Utah, similar to California, has a policy of numbering exits along all freeways, even if most of the route isn't one. Please help the arrow at the right side find the center of the sign. You can win a cookie!

Confusing junction in Brigham City, east of the I-15/I-84 multiplex, taken on US 89 NB in 1983. UT 13 begins ahead, and US 91 ends a couple of miles to the left at I-15 Exit 362. Business 15/84 apparently begin here on 13, though they may exist to the southwest on US 91 as well.

The good stuff, facing the same intersection on US 91 NB. These wooden cutouts survived at least until 1983.

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