Utah Roads - I-215

All photos on this page are courtesy Doug Kerr.

Actually, yes, this is TO the JCT of I-215, and that is an old shield. Utah didn't go to the 3-digit width shield very often until recently, since this is the only Interstate route warranting it. Fort Union Blvd. WB at Union Park Ave., which leads to Exit 9.

And there you are, a wide shield (at Exit 12, for I-15), with a lot of space for something else I can't pin down. I hope this wasn't a ploy to fit Reno and Ogden on the same sign.

Continuing westbound until it becomes northbound, the same exit gets two very different shields and, frankly, two very different signs. It's much more than just the lack of destination I'm talking about.

Southbound this time, old on the left and new on the right. the font's about the same, but everything else has changed, and these signs also violate the principle of having both signs on the same overhead be the same height.

Exit 22 to I-80
(Exit 12) to the parent, I-15
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