Texas Roads - Texas Viaduct

Texas Viaduct, Texarkana

4th St. WB. The one-piece sign is likely a city installation, because it's not something I've seen out of TxDOT.

Views of the structures from the 4th St. WB-SB ramp. They're not terribly interesting, but they create a visual maze of pillars.

Now 3rd St. EB (the one-way couplet to 4th St.) with some east- and southward looks at the structure. The faded shield is (was) for US 71.

Looking east at the gore area where the NB-WB ramp meets 4th St. There's a wide concrete expanse for an abutment and a lot of broken reflectors for striping. This may not have been kept up since it was constructed.

NB on the viaduct at its end.

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