Texas Roads - US 82/380

US 82 and US 82/380 (Plains-Brownfield)

Old WB signs entering Plains on US 82/380, where all of the motels seem sonable, what with their air.

WB in Brownfield in the wide, brick town square between 5th and 6th Streets at the other end of the concurrency.

Looking south in that same square at the Terry County Courthouse.

Still some button copy outside Gainesville on I-35 NB, courtesy Adam Prince. Frontage Road is really the only destination - it loops back underneath I-35 at the Red River just to the north, becoming the southbound frontage road.

This quasi-historic building is west of TX 93 in Texarkana.

Some more sights on the WB side. The car is a 1955 Ford Customline Town Sedan. Thanks to Jeremy Lance for identifying the car and pointing out the "Overdrive" decal on the back, something rare for that model.

Not old EB shields, but peeling nonetheless. Texarkana just seems to age everything within.

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