Texas Roads - US 71

US 71

All photos are southbound because the NB side is in a different state.

The grids are completely misaligned between the two halves of Texarkana, so what's 11th St. in Texas is almost across from 9th St. in Arkansas. The Hospital sign is so old I can't tell if it was white on brown, rusted black on white, or even white on black. Click for a closeup and come to your own conclusion.

Another old sign, "To Passenger Station" at 8th St./MLK, Jr. Blvd./US 82 WB/US 67 SB. In Arkansas, US 71 NB joins those two for a wrong-way concurrency. Neither sign matches the arrow beneath.

On the next block between sides of US 82/US 67, along US 71 SB but the other side of the road is not US 71 NB yet.

Into Arkansas on US 71

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