Texas Roads - US 59

US 59

All photos (and video) are northbound.

Errors in Linden and Atlanta. The first one requires local knowledge - the road to the left is just a Farm Road, not a state route Spur. (FM 125 is also old TX 8.) The second one is more apparent; seeing as how I'm on US 59 and not Truck 59, the "truck route" sign is rather misleading in this context. People looking to follow (regular) US 59 could very well get confused.

TX Loop 151, part of the Loop around Texarkana, ending as US 59 comes in colorfully from above.

Bending back southward for the overhead gantry at the split. I took the photo for the complementary gantry pole design, but I'll also point out that "Shreveport" ought to have "LA" after.

To the end of the freeway. The current two-way (Texas-style) frontage roads along US 59 and I-30 are being converted to more traditional one-way roads, and the entire interchange is being rebuilt so that all freeway movements take place without using the frontage roads. The closed exit on the right joins what becomes the I-30 frontage road to get to Richmond Rd. In the last photo, Texas somehow found the right-width shields (compare to the first photo), but messed up the directions. US 59 never goes east-west.

Looking west into the sunset from the top of the interchange. There's another closed ramp here, which will eventually connect the WB frontage road to Gibson Lane.

The NB-EB (US 59 mainline) merge, and one look back west from ground level at the partially-open interchange.

Now take a drive through the construction, up US 59 NB and this time heading to I-30 WB by dawn instead of EB by dusk.

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