Texas Roads - US 54/I-110

US 54 and (secret) I-110

The first I-110 offramp north of the border crossing leads to US 62. One can't access it from the U-turn just before entering the Customs area, so this was the best photo I could get of the old shields on it.

Courtesy Bill Donovan, all these old signs are gone now. In the second photo, you can see a very loopy arrow for Exit 1C, while in the third photo (a closeup of the second), a very unusual practice of partially separating the first exit from the next. I-110 ends here and the body of the freeway joins US 54, which heads north for several hundred miles despite being an east-west number (and signed as such, at least in Texas).

Signs look a little different now. For one, the exit numbers are gone. Also, instead of button copy, you'll be stuck with Clearview (which isn't supposed to be used in negative contrast, like black on yellow) and Texas' typical overly wide Interstate shield. (I would say "shields," but there's an I-10 missing.) Hey, everything has to be bigger in Texas, right? This is the last overhead assembly on I-110 before the left fork merges with US 54, which begins at Loop 375 instead of at the border. Interestingly, US 54 south of the interchange has no connection with I-10.

Old sign on Yandell Dr. WB.

EB (south) through the Exit 24B interchange, which was newly built for Spur 601 (Liberty Expressway) through the airport. It's interesting that a sign new enough to have Clearview still reads "West," making this road more directionally confused than anything outside Ohio or US 202. The El Paso area in general also sports exit distance signs with bizarre half-dividers, which, lacking recent experience on Texas roads, I can't tell you if they are a statewide occurence or only local.

Looking west at the Franklin Mountains.

Button copy makes a brief appearance on US 54 SB, being otherwise missing from most of the state, and still has the half-dividers on exit distance signs. It seems that exit numbers were just added to these signs, so why would Exit 20 be at the end of the road? That's at the other end of Loop 375, right up against the border, so there's no way US 54 will extend another 20 miles.

Looking backwards in the EB lanes at a stub just west of Sean Haggerty Dr. where the freeway would be extended farther north/"west."

EB (south) from the NM state line to the same stub at Exit 32. US 54 follows what will become the frontage roads approaching El Paso, but briefly swings onto the future freeway bridge east of McCombs St., leaving stubs for the frontages in that location on both sides of the bridge before coming to the Exit 32 stubs a few miles later where the freeway actually begins.

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